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Las Vegas man sentenced for traveling with 130 pounds of pot


WORTHINGTON — A Las Vegas, Nev. man will serve 180 days in Nobles County jail and five years of supervised probation after being convicted of second-degree sale of drugs.

Ike Luong, 56, who was arrested near Worthington in January when Minnesota State Patrol officers found 130 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle, accepted a plea deal from the state to eliminate a first-degree drug possession charge and knock down a first-degree sale of drugs charge.

Judge Gordon Moore accepted the plea Wednesday in Nobles County Court and granted Luong a stay of imposition from a 48-month prison sentence. Luong was fined $1,082 and must report to jail by June 4. He could get a work release if he finds a suitable job.

Moore noted Luong had no prior felonies on his record and was a former member of the National Guard. He acknowledged struggling somewhat with the sentencing, as there was no context for Luong’s situation.

“Typically when we sentence someone, we look at what we did last time,” Moore said. “With 130 pounds of marijuana, we didn’t have a last time.”